Clinic management system

Afek Information Systems Engineering developed a clinic management systems that includes the following characteristics and components:

- Clinics in a national distribution.
- A secure centralized system
- Patient appointment management.
- Patient admission and personal details registration.
- Automatic lab tests execution and registration.
- Patient files and medical certificates management.
- Medication registration and prescription.
- Referral to ER.
- Healthcare fund eligibility checks.
- Dispatch of medical certificates to healthcare funds (automated process.)
- Payment and collection management by way of a connection to financial systems.
- Medical history and certificate archiving.

Damaged piping management system

By way of its software design and development division, Afek Engineering Information System Ltd., Afek designs and develops software based solutions in a varied development environment, such as:
- Development with Magic up to version 8, XPA up to version 10 and UniPaaS.
- Development with DotNet
- System integration and mobile development
- BI development with Qlik View

Shipping companies management system

Shipping and maritime app.
A shipping software system for maritime agencies.
A shipping system with all the procedures required to operate a shipping companies and maritime agencies, including:
- Logistics and equipment operation.
- Import and export documentation management.
- Marketing and sales.
Accounting and billing management.
- Interfaces to customs, harbor master, financial system, depots and terminals
- BI, overall information management.

Road and towing services management system

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